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About Graham Foster


My first Computer was a Commodore Vic 20. I then progressed onto a Tatung Einstein, IBM XT and finally a "proper PC" starting with a 386DX40 to the networked PC's I'm running now.
 I did a few night class's and started programming in BASIC, wrote a couple of utilities for my employer, CEGB at that time and generally "messed around".
 I got the opportunity to go back to University at the age of 34 and take my HND in Computer Studies and have been working in the IT industry ever since.
My current position is IT manager for a manufacturing company in Midsomer Norton, near Bath in England.


After watching Jaq Cousteau films in my younger days I always wanted to learn how to scuba dive. When I first enquired in my late teens the only training agency around was BSAC and the course was more like military school than fun, so I gave it a miss. In 1997 a dive shop opened about 5 doors down from my flat so I popped in to enquire about training one evening after finishing work and started the course there and then!

I am now a PADI Advanced diver and as I do it for fun / relaxing that is as far as I shall go.

After being amazed at the underwater life after a trip to the Red Sea I bought a Canon camera. It was only rated at 5m and if I went any deeper I would have to turn it off and back on after each shot so it wound the film on, but I was hooked. Next was a Sea&Sea MX10 with YS45a strobe and wide angle lens. I got a few decent shots from this until I flooded the strobe in St. Lucia in 2003. That gave me the excuse to buy an Olympus C-5060, Olympus underwater housing and Ikelite DS50 strobe. Photoshop 7 and an HP photosmart 7960 printer finish it off!

As you can see from the gallery I am still learning how to use the camera, Photoshop and setup a colour managed workflow, (camera->Photoshop->printer), so what you see in Photoshop is what you get out of the printer! Still fighting with it at the moment.

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